Sunday, November 18, 2012

Just when i thought i have seen it all, these brothers keep upping the ante. It is no secret that these Igbo boys (Igbo Kwenu) from Anambra have the music industry in a vice grip as far as entertainment is concerned. and they have failed to disappoint with this new music video for their club friendly tune "Alingo"
They managed to introduce another dance step which i know a few will be willing to try out in the clubs, and with Clearance Peters behind the camera, we have got ourselves one of the most entertaining and vsual appealing videos... I have got this video on repeat.

You guys should check it.
Direct Download link


collins said...

bro i must confess you are doing marvelously well in your blog especially the kind of information and stuffs you provide here Good job and continue doing what you are doing

Anonymous said...

Alingo is from Azonto Which is from Ghana

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