There comes a time when one looks at his favourite TV Shows and realises just how shitty they have become lately. Some TV Shows started off good but down the road, it becomes worse and worse till that point that they are practically begging to be cancelled. However but like the big ol' cosmic screw you,  they still manage to stay on air. Which leaves me with no choice to stop watching it (at great pains due to my OCD,  which makes me want to see things out).
These shows have made my list of shows that I wouldn't be following anymore.

1. New Girl: It was supposed to be light hearted comedy, but over the past few episodes of the current season its been filled with forced humour. This show isn't funny anymore.

2. Marry me: It was never great at any point and after one seemly long season, i think I can say I am done with it.

3. Man seeking Woman: it is just terrible, after watching 3 episodes I can say I am done with this sh*t.

4.  Constantine: I just couldn't connect with it, even as a big fan of the whole angels and demons thing.

5. Gotham: Boring

6. Hindsight: I like the premise of the tale but the plot wears thin.

7. Marvel's Agent Carter: The plot doesn't do it for me. The 50s theme isn't doing it for me either. Marvel has been working hard to profit off it's universe but Agent Carter isn't something I want to watch. Anyway I am not a big fan of the Agents of Shield too, it could go away and I wouldn't notice it.

8. Revenge: Never really liked it and after 4 seasons I think i have had enough. At some point the Revenge mission should be regarded as complete. The plot of this TV Show shouldn't carry it this far. I think new TV shows should have a defined schedule before they take off

9. Scandal: The ridiculousness of the plot of the fourth season is just too silly to ignore.

10. State of Affair: The sketchy plot coupled with the pace at which the episodes went is just silly. It was trying too hard to impress viewers and blew it.

11.  The Mindy Project: Who believes this sh*t, it's  not even funny. Mindy isn't hot ♨ enough to fit the plot of the show.

12. Eye Candy: I was a bit skeptical about this show from the pilot, i thought the producers were trying too hard to get viewers and kind of looked too similar to The Stalker. The plot of the Show has too many holes and seems to be basically aimed at teenagers.