4 TV Shows you should be watching this weekend

Got a weekend of nothingness to spare? Then you probably should check out either one or two of these TV Shows that seems to have eloped everyone's attention on Twitter.
THE DEUCE Set in New York around the 70s and the 80s, This period piece starring James Franco and James Franco chronicles the rise of the adult entertainment industry in the Big Apple. It tells the underappreciated tale of the ladies that help make the industry the billion dollar behemoth it is today. The Deuce does a good job in putting a human face to the industry that the society turns its nose up at.

With the third and final season of The Deuce done and dusted, it kinda makes this show a great way to pass the weekend.  The Deuce has got a 92% rating on Rotten Tomatoes and it is on HBO.

This Supernatural themed show follows a forensic psychologist and a catholic priest-in-training as the investigating seemly supernatural incidents and try to separate the wheat from the tare.  With just 8 episodes on air, it&…

Tech imitates Art with Andy Rubin Project GEM smartphone

Phones over the years have come in different  forms and shapes but lately it's being kind of stale with most phones being just a rectangular slab and that's fine. But that's become a bit boring for me and that's why i am delighted by  Project GEM (perhaps maybe the"new Essential Phone") shown off by Andy Rubin (he's one of the guys behind Android) on Twitter.

While this weird new device is not really radically physically different from the phones of today but it does strike a familiar tone with an iPhone 5 meme from years ago while i do love the idea of a rethink of how smartphones works.  Do check out the video below it's sure to give you a few laughs.

Brick Game Case For The Galaxy S9 Review

I stumbled on this little gem while on perusing on Aliexpress and it immediately connected with me and my memories on the past. whilst I don't really remember that time as fondly as most would but this gem helped me get through those times, I did spend quite some time playing the games on it. So I just had to get it, and at less than $13 it mustn't a purchase that I needed to mull over.


The Brick Game case looks like just every other case made for the modern smartphone when viewed from the front but things start to get interesting once you flip it around to the back. The Back houses the rather sizeable display, a D-Pad button, two (A-B) trigger buttons, on-off button, start (SP) button and a reset button. The back also has a cut-out for the camera and the flash. The layout on the back is inverted and you'd have to flip your phone over every time you want to play some games or go back to using your smartphone. While I didn't really care for that small inconvenie…

Making sense of Nokia's Pricing

For quite sometime now I have been rather unenthuse with the crop of phones (smartphones) been released. Even with all the features that the likes of Samsung, Apple, Hauwei and the likes tried to talk up during their release events. Each new device has felt like pretty much the same.

However at this year's IFA, Nokia or HMD announced a new flip phone which piqued my interest. However that interest was short-lived when I saw the price of the said phone. And ever since then it has left me wondering who HMD (Nokia) makes these devices for.

Especially since these not quite feature phones cost just as much as an affordable Android phone. At €89, the 2720 isn't exactly what you would call affordable especially when you could buy a Xiaomi Redmi Go for €80, an even more capable Redmi 6A at €90 or even the Nokia 2.2 which costs €90. On the KaiOS side of things, a similarly speced phone from say energizer costs a third of the price of the Nokia 2720 at €30. In Nigeria and …

Can't believe I got this phone for 7,760 Naira

In a time when flagship devices are starting to cost the same as a plot of land and Nokia is sell you a palasa phone for more than 40K. It's quite refreshing to see an OEM that doesn't have its head too far up its arse and that is why Xiaomi will always have a special place in my heart. While i don't own any of their devices, i do love what they are doing. But this  story isn't about them and i do love a great bargain.

About a week ago, i sighted something unusual on my mobile carrier's phone page and it was this beauty.
I couldn't believe my eyes and i had to ask their customer service and granted this isn't the iPhone XS MAX or the Galaxy Note 10, i thought that was an exceptionally good offer as i needed a backup device with my old Galaxy Note3 now refusing to power up.    I admit it's no iPhone 11, Galaxy S10 or any of the latest Android Flagship smartphones but I'm rather impressed by my latest buy. I managed to snag this  little beauty fro…


Another football season is upon us and nothing rings it in like the UEFA Champions league. And today the draws of the group stages were held but if you are like me there's a chance you missed it slaving away. Well not to worry, your mate has got you covered.

There are no real surprises as far as this year's draws goes, Champions Liverpool are drawn in group E with Napoli, Genk and Red Bull Salzburg. Real Madrid and PSG make up Group A alongside Galatasaray and Club Brugge. Last year's finalist Spurs gets to contend with Bayern Munich, Olympiacos and Red Star Belgrade in group B, While Barca, Dortmund, Inter Milan and Slavia Prague would locks for qualification in Group F.

GROUP A:  PSG, Real Madrid, Galatasaray, Club Brugge

GROUP B:  Bayern Munich, Tottenham Hotspur, Olympiacos, Red Star Belgrade 
GROUP C:  Manchester City, Shaktar Donestk, Dinamo Zagreb, Atalanta

GROUP D: Juventus, Atletico Madrid, Bayer Leverkusen, Locomotiv Moscow
GROUP E:  Liverpool, Napoli, Red Bull Salz…

15 Lite apps you shoud be using on your smartphone

While its true that the Lite cadre of Android  apps was created to address the low memory problems that has plagued budget Android devices, one can't help but see it's usefulness beyond that segment. It's really no secret that quite a few Android apps are atrocious bloated like the Facebook family of apps (Facebook, Messenger, Instagram, WhatsApp, etc) and as such tend to use up a large amount of memory (both Storage and RAM) and as a result run like a mule on most devices.

So I thought I do a list of Lite apps that would help your Android run even better especially if you have a Tecno F1, F3, L8, W1, W2, Y2 or a phone from Fero and iTel.

Facebook Lite Download from Play StoreDownload from APKMirror

Facebook Messenger LiteDownload from Play StoreDownload from APKMirror

Instagram Lite  Download from APKMirror

Opera Mini Download from The Google Play StoreDownload from APKMirrror

Twitter Lite Download from the Play StoreDownload from APKMirror

YouTube Go Download From the Google …