Get 6GB with Glo for Free

Glo the Grandmasters of data are back with another mouthwatering data offering data bonus offer yet again. The data offering is part of the Glo Yakata package which offers instant bonuses to any Glo subscriber.

New and existing subscribers to the Glo network will get both voice and data bonuses on every recharge they make: a N100 recharge will fetch you N350 for voice calls and 50MB of data in addition to the N100 recharge subsequent recharge will get you an additional 50MB.  Those who top up N200 will get N700 bonus for voice calls and 250MB data bonus, subsequent recharges will fetch an additional 100MB. The bonus received is directly proportional to the amount recharge and goes all the way up to 6.25GB (8.75GB) when you recharge N5,000.

The caveats are quite reasonable, calls made on this tariff plan are charged at 55k/s (N33/minute) for glo to glo calls, while calls to other networks are charged at 70k/s (N42/minute) which aren't all that dissimilar to what's obtainable on other networks. SMSes are charged at N4/SMS from the main account and N14/SMS from the bonus account. Generally the bonus account is billed first which is a good thing all things considered. The bonuses carry a 7-day validity however  if you have got an existing data plan, the bonus data is added to your data balance e.g if you are subscribed to a 1GB monthly data plan and you get 250MB, your data balance will become 1.25GB and the validity of the bonus data will be the same as the monthly data i.e 30 days.

To enjoy the benefits of the Glo Yakata, existing Glo subscribers would have to dial *220# to join the tariif plan while new users do not have to do anything as they are automatically enrolled to the Glo Yakata plan. According to the Glo Yakata FAQ page, this bonuses are available to new and existing customers for the next 6 months.

Descent into A Quiet Palace

When a movie is highly rated by critics it often ends up being a snooze feature but that's not the case with A Quiet Place. And for a movie that features giant man-eating bugs from space, it's surprisingly well grounded. It doesn't try to do what most movies in its genre by going overboard with the theatrics and jump scares.

A Quiet Place  which stars real life couple Emily Blunt and John Krasinski as a matriarch and patriarch of a family of four in a dystopian world who have to maintain a near dead silence so as to attract a horde of man-eating bugs that track their victims by sound.

The first act starts off with a family tragedy which I thought was a masterstroke, this is a horror thriller after all. And it kept me invested going forward, wondering how many members of this family would survive the 90 minutes run time of the movie. The fact that silence was a key component of the movie made it all the more better and the use of sign language gave it a more authentic feel for me.

A Quiet Place is an expertly crafted, gripping and compelling horror-thriller movie not unlike Get Out. The premise of the movie works quiet well on many levels. This is one movie that immense replay value and easily earns its place in my movie collection. 


Kids See Ghost: Auditory Therapy Session

I've giving the new collaborative album from Kanye West and Kid Cudi a bit of a listen for days now and every time I wind up unable to quantify my experience and my confusion leads to me giving it another listen. And the result is always the same as before. If I have got one thing to say about Kids See Ghost is that it is absolutely brillant, the album was really well executed. Everything about it was top-notch, and the arrangement was extremely well done.

The album starts off with Feel the Love which i would know  as my descent into an almost trance like state with Cudi's voice drawing me ever deeper. The Pusha T assisted joint is easily my favourite joint off the album. While Push was masterful with his delivery but the part I really enjoyed was Cudi going off with the whimsy, and when he went Grrrat-gat-gat-gat-gat, I felt that in my soul.
Fire  doesn't quite feel like Feel the love to me but it works quite well, seamlessly going with the flow set by the opening track.  Kids see Ghost was starting to feel like a Cudi album, i kinda feel that this was actually a Kid Cudi effort with Kanye West peppered over it to get people's attention, until the 3rd track which kanye just drops a few bars that don't quite do much unless you think that "Bought her alligator, I ain't talkin' Lacoste" is a decent bar. 

Freee and Reborn were amazing, Reborn is easily the best track off the album, the track makes me feel like a weight has been lifted off my shoulder whenever i hear it.  The title track did very little for me and not even Mos Def/Yassin Bey could make it any better for me.  Cudi Montage was another dope cut off the LP, as with all the other songs, Cudi shone..

Kids See Ghost is a dope album and kinda redeems Mr. West missteps with ye although the album just felt like it was a Kid Cudi album with a few guest feature. And it works even better. The album feels like Kid Cudi used some of the mechanisms that helped him overcome his mental health issues and made an album off it. which helped me connect with the album better, the vulnerability and upliftment in his voice radiated from the cups of my headphones into my soul. Listening to Kids See Ghost had me thinking about how much good music i have been missing out for years by snobbing Cudi.

RATING: 4.59/5

Will Overpricing their phones save BlackBerry

So today BlackBerry mobile (owned by TCL) announced the next iteration of last year's KeyOne aptly named Key². And in true iterative fashion, the Key² retains a lot of the look of the KeyOne, so much so that one could easily be forgiven for confusing the Key² for the KeyOne.

The brand new Key² which was launched today at BlackBerry mobile's New York event is priced at $649 USD (€649/£579/$829 CAD), which is a lot to ask considering the choice of a midrange Qualcom Snapdragon 660 processor to power this device aimed at busy executives. For $649, one would be getting the Snapdragon 660 processor, 6GB of RAM, 64GB (128GB if you cough up more $), dual 12MP back cameras, an 8MP selfie camera, 4.5-inch 1620×1080 LCD display, 3500mAh, Bluetooth 5.0 in addition to the usual connectivity options one would find in a phone and some software tweaks.   While this might seem like a decent offering but not going with the flagship Snapdragon 845 or even the Snapdragon 710 is a bit of a miss. Especially when the recently announced OnePlus 6 offers a better bargain with a Snapdragon 845 and a bigger better screen for $100 less. And one wouldn't be hard pressed to find the Samsung Galaxy S9 or iPhone 8 at just the same price.

It's almost like BlackBerry mobile or TCL isn't bothered about getting people to want or buy this phone. The only compelling reason for anyone to buy this device is an absolute need for a hardware keyboard. 

TCL's strategy for the BlackBerry brand, which has been said to be focused on catering to corporate clientele and hardware keyboard afficinados. With the BOYD movement in full swing, the idea of focusing on corporate clients starts to look rather questionable. Especially since its only managed to ship 850,000 devices last year which pales when compared to the 8.7 million Nokia devices sold in the same time frame.

Only time can tell how well the focus on the corporate niche would work out for TCL/BlackBerry mobile but as a betting man, I don't quite fancy their chances of staying up. It's only a matter of time till we speak of BlackBerry in the same sense as Palm or Sagem.

ye: Brilliant production let down by a rapper spiralling in the drainage

If you feel let down by the utterances made by Kanye West over the last month or so and was hoping that a new album would help you get over the whole "Slavery was a choice", Sorry. 

I've been listening to the new Ye album, appropriately titled ye offer the last few hours. And if anything it has reinforced the thought that has been circling at the back of my mind for a few years now probably since Yeezus. I've come to the realization that the Kanye's biggest draw over the years is his ability to piece together samples and craft a masterpiece from it. However all that brillance is let down by a rather generous dishing of cringe-worthy lines.

I love your titties cuz they prove I can focus on two things at once
Let me hit it raw like fuck the outcome
None of us would be here without cum
If for anything, ye is remarkably similar to 4YEO just better produced. Like J.Cole, this album feels a lot personal with Kanye bearing his soul, embracing his mental health issues. And like 4YEO it left me with a feeling that this could've been better especially after having listened to DAYTONA over the course of the last 7 days or so. One wonders just how well the album would have turned out if these same beats and features had made their way to a better rapper. Here's an idea, let Pusha T get a pass over on some of the songs on ye and let's see what he does with it.

This is obviously not a review, just my thoughts after a day of listening

Deadpool 2 is trash


Ok, this isn't a review and neither is it a rant. This is just me stating the facts. And the fact is that Deadpool 2 is TRASH.

Gringo Review: This is supposed to be a comedy, right

So I stayed up all night watching Gringo, a movie which I planned to watch as my Sunday matinée but I was too amped up to sleep having waited for this movie to hit the web for months on end. Even more so because of the star power. A movie starring David Oyelowo, Charlize Theron, Joel Edgerton, and Amanda Seyfried, Thandie Newton is supposed to be really good, right? Wrong!

One thought that surfaced frequently in my mind over the 111 runtime of this movie was "This is supposed to be a comedy, right". So I checked and according to IMDB, it is.

This here is how IMDB describes the movie.
a dark comedy mixed with white-knuckle action and dramatic intrigue, explores the battle of survival for businessman Harold Soyinka (David Oyelowo) when he finds himself crossing the line from law-abiding citizen to wanted criminal.

Don't get me wrong, the movie has its "funny" moments but however it isn't enough to justify the assigned genre. The movie seemed to dabble across a few genres, unfortunately not quite well. While David Oyelowo is a brilliant actor and has the range to play comedy, his performance at times felt contrived. Which is also what one could say about the performances delivered by Joel Edgerton and Charlize Theron.

Gringo which was supposed to be funny but I couldn't think of a scene that made laugh. It felt like it dragged on for too long.
At the end of the day, I thought the movie would be good but it was quite disappointing.


While you were sleeping Drake dropped a new Diss track

So while you were all sleeping, Drake dropped a new diss track, nope it wasn't a new Meek Mill diss track. The target was none other than G.O.O.D Music artist Pusha T who only just dropped his third studio LP titled DAYTONA. 💰💰
The diss track titled Duppy was a response to Infrared, the closing track off Pusha-T's latest LP, which featured the lyrics:
"Your hooks did it/ The lyrics pennin' equals to Trump's winnin'/ The bigger question is how the Russians did it/ It was written like Nas but it came from Quentin."

These lines sees Push taking shots at Drake by name dropping Quentin and his an army of ghostwriters, infamously known as the OVO sweatshop.

While Duppy might not be Drake's finest work however he does manage to do quite a few things right, like roping in Kanye West, raising questions about Push's D-Boy credentials, age and career.
"So if you rebuke me for working with someone else on a couple of Vs/ What do you really think of the nigga that's making your beats?/ I've done things for him I thought that he never would need/ Father had to stretch his hands out and get it from me/ I pop style for 30 hours, then let him repeat/"

Man, you might've sold to college kids for Nike Mercedes / But you act like you sold drugs for Escobar in the '80s

While Drake might have got the ingredients for a proper diss track with Duppy however it kinda fails to hit the target (gotta aim for the head) and Pusha T would be holding his head high and probably laughing to the bank thanks to the clicks that his new album would be getting (Ha! Those classes at the 50 Cent School of Promoting an album might finally pay off after all).💰💰💰💰

I'm done watching Atlanta


Ok, so this season of Atlanta was a strange one. For something that was originally billed as a comedy there was very little to laugh about. From the very first episode it was one depressing thing after another and this carried on to the final episode.

So as someone who needs his TV shows, music and movies to entertain him and help life up my spirit, I'm done watching Atlanta (yeah, miss me with this Bullshit next year).

Sometimes the bad guys win in La La Land: My Infinity War story


So I finally got around to seeing the new Avengers movie and it was amazing, I walked out of the cinema with a deep sense of pride for what Marvel had managed to accomplish with the movie.  The movie highlighted just what one could accomplish with time and proper planning.

I had high hopes for the movie and it matched my expectations perfectly, the first time any movie had done that since Chris' Dark Knight Trilogy. The move away from Marvel's world puppies and bunnies where the hero regardless of how much better villian was something that I've longed for since No country for old men.

Watching Marvel's greatest and brightest struggle to deal with the unstoppable force that was Thanos was heart warming. While many might see the "mad Titan" as the villian,  he was the hero or at the very least an anti-hero. His mission wasn't about emassing all that power for himself or being a conqueror, he only sort to restore the chaotic universe back to a state of balance and tranquility like Ozymandias  did for the world in the Watchmen movie (that's another brilliant but tidiously long movie). While Thanos might have achieved his aim, but there wasn't a clear Victor as both sides shared in the losses.

Infinity War is without a doubt the best Marvel movie you'd ever see. It wasn't a surrealistic as others. It was the one comic book movie that would leave a mark in the hearts and minds of moviegoers introducing young children to the realities of life and have grown ups getting in touch with their feelings.

In summation, Infinity War is the one comic book movie everyone needs to see. Marvel hit a home run with this movie, ensuring that every scene was integral to the movie. The jokes was top-notch, the fight scenes were amazing and the CGI held up quite well. In the end, Marvel managed to accomplish what DC couldn't with BvS; a dark and sombre movie that was ultimately brilliant.

Rating: 6/5


I never thought I'd see the day (🙊) but It's finally happened. Arsene Wenger has finally announced that he would be leaving the club at the end of the season bringing an end to an era.

Wenger's exit would be bittersweet moment for all Gooners, i myself included. His tenure at the Arsenal has seen the club play the best football in the league for years and winning the league in an amazing fashion.  The first part of his reign at the Arsenal has seen a massive improvement in the club's fortunes with a number of top flight trophies, the later stage has been plagued by a lot of vitriol by fans who campaigned bitterly for his exit haven seen their beloved club fall down the perking order among the top clubs in the Premier league.

His time at the helm is unquestionably the most successful spell in the club's history. His haul of three Premier league, seven FA Cup,  seven Community Shield trophies is the most of any Arsenal managers, a record only bettered by Sir Alex Ferguson. Without a doubt the memories of his time at club particularly the Invincible season (03/04) would be cherished by all Gooners.

My Dear Melancholy, : Back to form?

The last 4 or 5 years has been awesome for Abel Tesfaye, the Canadian born artist has gone from a B list artist trying real hard to put his music out there, gifting freebies to the likes of Drake, Lil Wayne, Juicy J, Rick Ross and French Montana to a certified global Superstar. In this time his sound has transitioned from the drug fueled sex filled downright sombre to the positively upbeat Starboy. 

Recently Abel has somewhat returned to his old self, gone is the ultra confident and downright braggadocious Starboy persona. This version of The Weeknd is done with reminding me about how his main chick and his side chick are both out of my league or how much his car costs. He's back to his best and doing what drew me to him.. half-bragging, half-complaining about being lucky with fairer sex.

Whatever phase The Weeknd is going through right now, i can't say I do not love the knock on effect on his music. All I need is for him to put out a full length LP which sounds something like The House of Balloons straddled by The Beauty Behind the Maddness.

Here's 6 things we know about J. Cole's new album


Yes, you read that right.. The artist you and I have come to love and adore  or not is all about set to drop another full length album on the Hip-Hop world. Well according to DJ Booth, there has already been an album listening party for the unnamed album and there are suggestions that's it's actually good or whatever that means.

Well in the run up to the album release, I decided to write a post of what to expect in order to help me to cope with the inevitable. The album will be dropping on Friday which is about 3 days from now. 

The title of the album is supposedly called KOD which could mean anything from "Kids on Drugs" to "King Overdosed" to "Killing Our Demons". We don't really know what it means or what goes on in Jermaine's head.

No Features
This is starting to look like a J. Cole signature move and also his achilles heel. While his contemporaries such as Kendrick and Drake have used these features to improve their body of work. Mr Jermaine has chosen the "go it alone" route and the effect has been telling on his last two LPs. 

10-12 Tracks
The album is said to have about 10 to 12 tracks which is just about right in my books. At 12 tracks its long enough to be considered a full length album but short enough for one to soldier through.

Hard AF
Early reports from J. Cole's album listening party in New York claim that KOD is probably going to be Jermaine's "Hardest" album so far which is a welcome change from his last "bore you to death" album, For Your Eyez Only. 

As with his last two albums, KOD is definitely going to be a platinum album. And in this age of streaming, going Platinum is increasing becoming less difficult to do, all you really need is a loyal fan base of 10,000 of so and you can game the system. And we all know that the cult of Simba currently doesn't have a shortage of those. 

The Suckiness
It's really hard not to look at the news surrounding this impending album release and what's happened in the past and not think this album is going to suck or at least be suck adjacent. With no features and/or no big name producer's, it's not hard to see how this album isn't going to fall into a pattern of monotony. It's not uncommon in the Hip-Hop world to hear of artist who had to rewrite their verses after listening to a guest artiste spazz or hearing a chorus totally flip a song. With features, there's really no challenge in the album making process. There's a limit to the effectiveness of self-motivation when it comes to the whole artistic process.

All that being said i do really hope that KOD is good like really really good, like TPAB good. I really can't handle yet another subpar J. Cole album.

Remember Thuraya? They've made a smartphone with your name on it if you're an Arab Prince

Thuraya Telecommunications Company has just announced what's the first satellite smartphone, the Thuraya X5-Touch today at its partner conference in Dubai. And like previous Thuraya Satellite phones, its aimed at people who frequently find themselves in places where regular GSM coverage is absent.

While Thuraya didn't give us much details about the specs of this device, it does however have a 5.2" 1080p display, dual Sim support which enables seamlessly switching from GSM to Satellite service. It also packs both front and rear cameras in addition to WiFi, Bluetooth and NFC. While the specifications won't be blowing anyone's socks off, however that wouldn't bother Thuraya customers.

Thoughts on Cardi B's Invasion of Privacy album


"Pleasantly Surprising", that's how I'd describe Cardi B's debut album Invasion of Privacy, if I'm asked. I went into my first listening expecting the album to totally suck arse (pardon my French) but I didn't it was actually good. Like really really good. 

One thing that struck me was how well the album was arranged and that's something people in the music business have long neglected. And the arrangement made "Invasion of Privacy" a worthy skip-free listen. The arrangement paired songs in a way that every weak song like Bartier Cardi is offset 😁 by a dope song like  "Thru your phone". And this helps Cardi B deliver a really strong debut album. 

The album delivers right off the bat with Get Up, which sounds like a mission statement by Cardi B. The song is followed by the Migos assisted Drip, while it might not be the album's strongest suit but it does make for easy listening. The pattern repeats itself through the album with standout tracks like Be Careful, Best Life featuring Chance The Rapper, Bodak Yellow, Thru Your Phone, I do featuring SZA balancing out the weaker songs on the album. 

Overall Invasion of Privacy makes for a worthy debut album. It's one of those albums you could hit play on and not skip any track. If i were rate the album I'd give it a solid 4 👍 out of 5.

Songs to check out
Bodak Yellow
Thru your phone
Best life
I do
Get Up
Be Careful