Yeah People you probably heard of it, and it is definitely true (having had a go at it). You can have the entire map of Nigeria (albeit the limitations) in your mobile phone.
At present it is limited to just Nokia maps, Garmin and Google maps. The Nokia map and Garmin map lets you hold an offline copy of the map in your phones memory or memory card. While Google map requires internet connection to achieve similar results.
They all let navigate and find all way around place you have never actually been to before, and they can navigate you across all interstate roads. it can direct from lagos to maiduguri, owerri, port harcourt and where ever you may need to go in Nigeria and even to Cotonu.

The cost of having these map sets vary Google maps is free to download (albeit the connection cost), Nokia Maps is also free and also downloading the maps is free, whilst Garmin cost a little to obtain (i have to say it is worth the cost).
To activate the voice guidance or navigation on Nokia map requires an annual set-up, whilst Garmin offers a one time set up (though Nokia also offers lifetime navigation too). And they both offer real time directions to your destination.

The Garmin maps offers a little more than the Nokia map as it is more recent than the Nokia map and also have a rich set of points of interest including locations of Banks, Restaurants, Entertainment venues (Silverbird galleria included) and i would have to applaud the work doone here.

Here some screenshots of both the Garmin map and Nokia map.


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