One of my favourite pastimes when using any device is downloading stuff, am a download addict. Whether it's music,apps, pictures, movies, TV shows etc, etc. And downloading all those stuff wasn't a problem back in the good old days of Symbian (until the burning platform incident. which required all Symbian enthusiasts to jump ship, so i chose to jump to Android) where i queue several files in  UCWeb and
continue with whatever i wanted to do and comeback to meet all those tasks done but that's not the same with Android, apps left in the background get force closed more often than i could count especially the UC browser. This deficiency led me to search for all manner of download managers to do this but like UC browser they too get force closed and the most part is that they are also have amnesia as they forget which files i was downloading.
Downloads was always a problem until i found Loader Droid, it not only solves the amnesia issues but it always has a load of settings to save you cellular data, as it allows you to define rules to download only through Wi-Fi, Cellular data or both. It also allows you to chose how many files are downloaded at a time.
One of the features i like about this app is that it could start a download immediately i connect to a wi-fi (works when you chose download via wi-fi only option), and it does this without you starting or opening the app.
 This app is available for free  on the Google play store.


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