Ever thought you need less load to carry about as you go to church (heck this is the 21st century, and the electronic bible has come to stay), maybe possibly leave your physical book bible at home and still not be left behind when the preacher requires the congregation to read from their bibles. yeah i know that feeling and regardless of what some people feel about reading the bible from your phone or tablet (Even my pastor asked me to install it for him on his phone and tablet ).
If you own a symbian device (usually Nokia) like the N-Series and E-Series, you can leave your bible at home and even feel like a whiz as this bible is totally fast in locating bible passages as it only requires you to type in a few letters of the book, the chapter number and the verse separated by a space in between.

1. To install this bible, make sure you have hacked your Symbian phone to allow you install files with or without certificates.
2. Download The Bible app (Symbian-bible) here
3. And install the app
Then download this file here  and save it in your memory card.
5. The launch the bible and select option menu (left options button) and click on update bible list (shown in the picture above), this will show you a list of bibles that you can use and would select it for you if it's only one bible file like here


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