500 people arrested in China for believing that the world is going to end today (21/12/2012)


The Chinese authourities hve arrested 500 followers of a Christian group called Church of God Almighty for spreading panic with rumoured world's end in the Qinghai province.

"The Qinghai police bureau stated that the police had stormed numerous centres belonging to the Almighty God cult, arresting more than 400 members and confiscating over 5,000 items including banners, DVDs, slogans, books, computers, speakers, and cell phones," Xinhua reported, adding that the group had " advanced anti-detection capabilities". The report did not say which government department had orchestrated the arrests.
The Almighty God group was founded in the 1990s by self-proclaimed grand priest Zhao Weishan in central Henan province. Among the group's core tenets are the belief that a female Jesus Christ will save adherents from the end of the world and that it must fight a decisive battle against the "Big Red Dragon", its term for the Chinese Communist party.
Zhao left China for the US 12 years ago, seeking religious asylum. "They're saying the Bible is outdated," said a leader of an unofficial church in Beijing who requested anonymity."They make sure their interpretations are very adapted to Chinese culture, so it's easy for Chinese people to understand what they're preaching

Culled from The Guardian

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