If you are new to the android world or currently considering switching to an android device from symbian, blackberry or any other mobile device out there. There are certain things you should consider doing to get a better and enjoyable experience.

1. subscribe for a data plan
I would recommend subscribing for atleast a 500mb plan. Most Telecoms offer that much data for about 2,000 Naira.
If you interested in getting the best data plan for your money I would suggest you switch to Airtel, as they allow one to use their blackberry plans on any mobile device, which gives u 1GB for 1200 To subscribe send "bsm to 440"

2. Change the default app launcher
if you have got a Samsung device then you definitely need to download Go Launcher, it not only looks better than the TouchWiz but it also brings cool transition effects.
Get Go Launcher and also Go Launcher Notification

3. Data Management
Android has been known to be a data guzzler, well that's not totally true as you are the data guzzler. So if you wanna keep an eye on how much data you use daily you should consider getting My Data Manager or Onavo Count

4. Leave background or account sync on
Contrary to how much people say it guzzles in data, you would probably use a lot more checking manually. I would suggest a little tinkering edit the support services in the accounts, turn off any that you don't need like picture upload to picasa in Google services.
if you are a regular twitter user, make sure you turn on twitter sync

5. Restrict Background data
The data usage feature let's you set a data limit for the month and let's you limit apps that could have access to the internet with you touching them.
All you have to do is select the app from the list of apps that have used data, and click on restrict background data, these apps are then restrict from connecting to data when you don't need them to,
Be careful when picking the apps to restrict background data, you should not do this to instant messaging apps like whatsapp, IMO etc

7. Download apps
If you really want to get the best out of your phone, then you would need more than just the apps/applications that came with your phone.
I strongly recommend these app for everyone

Opera Mini: comes handy for effective data management
Fora Dictionary
Tercata bible
Loader Droid best download manager
Score Mobile: live football updates
Adobe Reader for PDF files
Camera 360: makes your pictures look even better
iGun Zombie: FPS game
Temple Run
Tubemate: for downloading YouTube videos

There are over 700,000 apps and games in the Google Play store
for you to check.


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