Hey! I saw the door opened and was wondering if everything was ok. "Yeah am alright", she was waiting for him to leave, instead he started coming closer and kissed her. Tracy shocked by this, gave micheal a resounding slap which rocketed into his brain cells. He was so shocked by her outburst and he held her by the hand in order to prevent her from slapping him again, in doing this her towel slipped and fell to the ground, without her knowing what do. Micheal pushed her to the bed intending to go out but didn't. Fear skyrocketed into tracy she quickly searched for any cloth to cover her nakedness, Micheal stood there like a tiger panting. Micheal tried to control that hunger, that thirst for sex he promised himself that he would never force a girl again but the temptation was to great. He turned around and saw tracy trying to cover herself up. He was so aroused that he wanted no barriers he took his boxers off and went straight for the bed. Tracy has never been in this situation. Before not knowing how to handle it, so she started screaming and tried to fight him off, but he was a man and was too strong for her.

Written by Christy

Trialsof Tracy Pt1


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