A girl trusted a guy she decided to pay him a visit to kaduna, on arrival she is treated like royalty. The second day he took her out, spoiling her with gifts.
On getting home that same day, feeling  she had found "The One", two days gone and no demands from him. She let down her guards. so much joy radiating from her she went into the bathroom to take her bath forgetting her normal protocol.
Tracy so happy quickly removed her clothes dashed straight to the bathroom to take her bath, micheal on his own part was wondering
when the cookie jar was going to be his not knowing that tracy wanted to go for play hard to part, "no sex till after marriage", micheal went straight to his room, changed into something more comfortable like they say "curiosity kills the cat" he passed through tracy's room "lo and behold" He saw tracy coming out all dripping wet, he was mesmerized and transfixed, at that point tracy was unaware that she was being watched as she put on a robe and on turning around she saw micheal coming into the room.

To be Continued

written by Christie

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