iSTALK @Mo_DeeVa and here's why

Forgive me Father, for I have sinned. I have been stalking @Mo_DeEva for sometime now on twitter (I have lost count of the amount of time). I happen to know some details about her that I shouldn't know, I know where she did her NYSC at, where she lives (am just joking or am I?).

I have had some impure thoughts about her (You Perverts! Not those kind of impure thoughts).

Why do you stalk her on twitter?
At first, it was because of her picture

Her picture, what about it
She is very endowed, she supports Arsenal but her Manchester is very united, and screams you at me every given time, SHIMMY SHIMMY YA!. And she looks very luscious with the way she bites her lips reminds of some Angelina Jolie, and to top it off she very pretty and did I say she is fair (not the Tura or am trying to be white but can't afford Michael Jackson plastic surgery type
But now things have changed

Yes, Stalking her all these while on twitter has shown me how deep she can be, she is fun, yeah funny too. Plus she has got this apparel line (she got plans for Gidi domination) that she is promoting on twitter. It's really good to see girls trying their hands in building something up
Creativity is really attractive. YOu can also follow her and see want she has in store for us all

have a look at some of her work


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