BlackBerry (formerly RIM) announced their latest and greatest Blackberry devices on the 30th of January to a loud applause by fans and critics alike. Who were pleased by new UI (user interface) of the Z10 which brought it to par with the Android devices (Galaxy, HTC, Xperia etc), the iOS (iPhone, iPad, iPod touch) and the Windows Phone (Lumia). Days after that joy has been replaced with near dispair as the new that ever popular Blackberry Internet Service (BIS) would not be available to consumers in its current iteration.
Although it has not been fully confirmed but reports from early adopters of the new Blackberry Z10 in the UK and the guys at BGR have confirmed that the BIS service is not needed to use major services on the new Blackberry 10 devices.
BBM works without the BIS, Web Browsing doesn't work at all with the BIS (according to their Vice President of Product and Channel Market, Mr Rory O'Neill). The reason given for this development is due to the heavy data usage that the New Blackberry 10 devices is expected to consume with it's support for Rich media apps such as the popular Video calling app Skype. And channeling the traffic through the BIS equipment would only make the phones run slower. However the users of he previous iterations of the Blackberry devices from OS 7.1 (Bold 6 down to Curve 1) downwards would continue to enjoy their BIS in it's present state.

  • BBM10 works without BIS
  • BBM10 Users can subscribe for BIS, but would be charged separately for using the web browser, facebook, twitter and any other applications
  • Older Blackberrys can continue using BIS as normal

I think Blackberry just shot itself in the foot by making these changes, cost of data might not be a concern in developed countries but in Nigeria it is priced astronomical high, and the Blackberry plans served as a scour to most.
Take for instance, 1GB of data on most smartphone plans cost between 3,000 to 3,500 Naira while a blackberry plan that offers between 1GB to 3GB goes for 1,400 Naira even an unlimited plan on one of the networks costs 1,500.
Which means that Blackberry 10 users might have to start paying 3,000 Naira or more for data service compared to the 1,400 to 1,500 they currently pay as of now

Blackberry or RIM needs to find a way of implementing a cost effective plan or risk losing their loyal customers to the likes of Samsung, Apple, HTC and Nokia as the lure of using a Blackberry device is no longer there.


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