The 55th edition of Music's top award has come and gone with acts like Adele, Jay-Z and Kanye West, Frank Ocean walking home with the golden Gramophone, some where not that fortunate and some walked off with the eyes and Jaws of everyone at the event and those at home.
One of such Artiste that managed to eclipse the Grammy event was none other than Jennifer Lopez, the Latino beautiful still manages to turn more than just a few heads and even Jay-Z couldn't help but admire her.

The goddess, J.Lo practically stole the show with this dress that showed off her legs.

And artiste that had people's eyes almost falling out of their heads was Katie Perry. Her beautiful green dress, managed to hold her cleavage and show off enough of it, that stars like hip hop artiste, Wale couldn't help but think about stealing her from her boyfriend, John Mayer.

Kelly Rowland has always been that cute girl from next door, but at the 55th Grammy awards, she managed to get more than a few minds thinking dirty, her black gown, was amazing with an intriguing design.