Molded in the make of Resident evil, Infinity blade and Blood & Glory comes Death Dome. Death Dome tells the story of a heroine Phoenix trapped in a city where an experimental virus, M Virus, has mutated the occupants, causing untold changes to their bodies and creation of huge monsters called Behemoths. And Phoenix has to fight her way through these monsters to regain her freedom from the trappings of the Death Dome.

Death Dome has a simple gameplay that requires you to either block, dodge and attack the enemy when opportunity presents itself.

And victory over your opponent is rewarded by promise of coins and credits that would able you buy much needed weapons, shields and armour. The Game is divided into stages, and each stage requires one to battle the monsters in three venues to gain the M-Virus that would allow you to fight the boss.


  • Simple GamePlay (anybody can master this game)
  • Excellent Graphics (PS2 quality or better, I dare say)
  • You need to buy glu credits or play more battles to improve your weapons.

Above all I would gladly recommend this game to anybody in need of a very good game to pass time or show off to friends Download from Play Store for Android device (Galaxy, HTC, Techno etc) or iTunes for iPhone and iPad