It seems MTN has finally implemented a data cap on their Blackberry Internet Service plans aka BIS/BBC for legacy blackberry devices. Before now,  subscribers to either the BIS or BBC were given "all you can eat" data service even though their fair usage policy suggested  a data cap of 200MB for BBC and unlimited for BIS.
But recently there had been news of an implementation of a data cap by MTN Nigeria as their parent company in South Africa had taken such steps already. Also with their website updated to show a new data cap for these services. The details for their BIS plan on their website showed a data cap of 1GB per month and 350MB for BBC. Which MTN has started implementing, a friend of mine had his access to BBM and internet cut off after 8 days of subscribing to the monthly BBC plan, and a call to MTN Customer Care agent confirmed that his Data cap has been exceeded and as such could not use the BIS any longer.
This development maybe connected with the introduction of the Blackberry 10 plans and the myth of the data compression abilities of the Blackberry Internet Service, no longer holding water with carriers.
If you are a subscriber to MTN BBC plan, have you had a new experience with your subscription? Have you had your BBM or data access been cut off before the end of the month or duration of your plan?
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