It's a crazy world we live in and it gets crazier by the hour.
Two girls from the town of Pingshan County of north China's Hebei Province have died after drinking a bottle of yogurt that appears to have been deliberately tainted with rat poison, said local police on Thursday.
The girls had eaten the yoghurt which their grandmother found along with some unuser notebook on the roadside. Then the girls started foaming at the mouth and convulsing, One of the girls died on the way to the hospital and the other passed away on Wednesday.
Police investigating the incident found out that the yoghurt contained traces of rat poison. And the principal of the kindergarten school which the girls attended confessed to the police that semble hired a man to poison the yoghurts which was intended for pupils from the rival kindergarten school.
The Police said that the crime was motivated by competition for students.

Source: Xinhua