Recently Airtel announced a new blackberry plan which they called Blackberry Unlimited, which unfortunately is not Unlimited as the name implies but rather is an improvement on the Blackberry Complete plan as it offers subscribers a data allowance of 2GB for month at 1500. But unlike the Blackberry Complete plan which works seamlessly across devices, early some early subscribers to the Blackberry Unlimited Plan found out that this new plan did not work out of the box on devices that aren't blackberry phones.
However this could easily be overcomed by subscribing to a one day plan, once done this rolls the data into one and allows you to use it as you would the Blackberry Complete Plan.

So a quick recap of how to use the Blackberry Unlimited plan on Android in three easy steps.

1. Subscribe to the Airtel Blackberry Unlimited plan by dialing *440*16# or sending bbum to 440. Costs N1500
2. Subscribe to a 10MB plan (Daily) by dialing *141*11*1# costs N100 (you only need to do this once).
3. Make sure that your APN is set to internet.ng.airtel.com

Note: That the 10 MB Daily plan has an auto renewal setup and you should either make sure u have below a N100 on phone after subscribing.

The plan also works on any other device or modem. All that you need to do is follow the above steps and set up the APN properly.

UPDATE: After using Airtel Blackberry Unlimited for the first month, I found out that I no longer need to subscribe to the 10MB to get it to work for my second subscription
So if you have followed the steps above before you would no longer be requited to do the Step 2 to get the blackberry unlimited plan to work.