Having caught the cinema bug after watching the Wolverine, one thing was clear to me there are some movies that are best watched on large screens, and Pacific Rim is one of those movies.
Pacific rim is basically a tale of mankind fighting against extinction from the claws of giant monsters called Kaiju from another world using giant robots Jaegers.

The Jaegers are piloted by a team of two who are linked together mentally by a neural bridge.
If I was asked to describe the movie in one world it would be AWESOME. This was the first movie I have ever watched that I would go to see again, in fact I made up my mind to go watch the movie again while watching the movie.
The special effects (CGI) used in this movie was just incredible and realistic, you could practically see how these robots worked.
The makers of next Transformers movie (Transformer 4) are definitely going have a problem on their hands trying to surpass the realism achieved in Pacific Rim.
In my opinion this movie is definitely the best movie of the summer or even the year, I doubt any movie out there can surpass it.
If you haven't watched this movie yet please do yourself a favour and go watch it (your puny phone doesn't count)