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The Hip Hop circuit is definitely heating up, as the new Crown Prince of Rap tries to take on all newcomers. After calling out new rappers on his Control verse, to which other rappers including Meek Mill responded to, it seems Kendrick is willing to extend this from just a friendly jibe to a full on beef like that of Pac & BIG, Jay & Nas and 50 and Ja.
While performing on stage at a free concert at Williamsburg Park in Brooklyn, Kendrick took the time to send out a message to Meek Mill and his "backpack" jib.
The Compton native was quote to have said:

I been doing this s**t for years...I mastered this s**t." Kendrick to Meek Mill
"I have no time for irrelevant n***as [or] new n***as." - Kendrick Lamar in NYC - RIGHT NOW.
There's one n***a in particular that needs to realize that there's 'levels' to this s**t. I'm MOTHER F**KIN' KING KENDRICK." - Kendrick...

Well, Meek Mill wasn't the type to take this lying down and took to twitter to respond to it

Let me RT @MeekMill: King of what? @kendricklamar
Somebody please tell me
King of what?

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