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The plot of this movie is centered around the life of David Clark (Jason Sudekis, Kurt from Horrible Bosses), a low-level weed dealer who counts housewives and working men as his clientele, who has to take a job smuggling in a sizeable amount of marijuana across the US Border with Mexico after being robbed while trying to help his teenage neighbour (no good deed goes unpunished, eh). In order to smuggle the drugs without attracting much attention he decides to recruit a stripper Rose (played by Jennifer Aniston), his teenage neighbour and a young runaway girl to play his wife and kids as they try to pass themselves as a family as they drive a RV (mobile home) with weeds as the border. His plan doesn't go off without a hitch considering that one the drugs he plans in smuggling actually belongs to a rival drug dealer, and it's all fun all the way.
We are the Millers is a really funny movie providing moments of rib cracking moments (I practically had to pause the movie a few times in order to stop my ribs from busting)
If you looking to have a good time at the movies this is one movie you should watch.

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