Real Madrid finally got their man in a deal that's worth £176.3 million, which consists of the transfer fee of £85.3 million and £90m in wages over a six year period. The Welsh Midfielder would earn a hefty £300,000 a week. The transfer of Gareth Bale from Tottenham Hotspur to Real Madrid sees him leapfrog Cristiano Ronaldo as the world record transfer holder (Real Madrid paid £80 million to Manchester Uniter to gain his services) making it the third time in a row that Real Madrid would break the transfer record.
Gareth Bale has indisputably being a remarkable and important player for Tottenham in the last two seasons, where he has been able to find the back of the net 30 times in 79 appearances for Tottenham and winning the 2012/2013 Premiership Player of the year.
Gareth Bale is indisputably a good player and a talent to reckon with in the coming years. But is he worth the huge amount paid by Real Madrid for his services? I think not. Bale's performance during the course of the previous season hadn't done much for his team as they once finished behind Arsenal (who had spent considerably less in the transfer market) nor did they win any domestic trophies and yet again faltered in the Europa league.
A player of Gareth Bale calibre is not worth the ridiculous amount paid by Real Madrid, his price range should be no more than £50 million.
Real Madrid has in the time past spent lavishly on player acquisitions, recruiting the likes of Cristiano Ronaldo, Kaka, Benzema, Angel Di Maria, Higauin, Ozil, amongst others. Players whose services have been deemed a surplus to requirements a few years later. And have failed to see them properly challenge their arch-rivals dominance of the domestic league or even progress beyond the semifinals of the Champions league in spite of the talent at their disposal. Even the recruitment of "The Special One" Jose Mourinho couldn't galvanise these immense talents at Real Madrid as the trainer experienced his worse spell as a club manager. Maybe just bringing in these talents might not be the solution to Real Madrid's problems and I doubt Carlos Ancelotti would be able to do any better than Mourinho giving his track record at Chelsea and PSG, even his record against Barcelona can be called into question.
The question remains would Gareth Bale do well at Real Madrid? Well I think not, for one his record transfer fee would really weigh down on him as he hasn't yet reach his peak and really needs more time to develop, being at Madrid would definitely give him the time and patience required as instant results is always expected at Real Madrid ("to whom much is given definitely much is expected"). And then the fact that he has practically played in just England, with Tottenham Hotspur having only a single spell in the Champions league and failed at progressing to the finals of the Europa League against clubs of questionable pedigree, he lacks the necessary exposure and experience required to compete at the top levels.

Image courtesy: Wikimedia