Some days ago, the brain trust at NotJustOk compiled a list of the best rappers in Nigeria at the moment, the list like every list of best rappers didn't go down with some with some rappers and Rukus, a new act chose to air his thoughts on the makeup of that list.
In the process of making his stance known he touched a few nerves, dissing Naeto C and Vector directly in the process.
Godwon also responded to the list, but his song was basically him hidding (don't be a pussy) and failed to address anything, in fact the chorus was aimed at the compilers of the list.

In some way I have to say I agree with Rukus, Naeto C might be well known but he's probably one of the weakest rappers in Nigeria but we are two carried away with his catchy choruses to notice his rap lines are good in the least bit (y'all remember that BET Cypher that he did two years ago or so with M.I, Mode Nine and others). As for Vector let's just face it this guy has been d*ck riding Jay-Z for to too long, it is OK to be a fan of an artist, copy his style but trying to mimic his song on every song you do is just taking it too far.
Ice Prince has fallen off the rap pedestal a long time ago, when I first heard him on M.I's Somebody wants to die I had high hopes for him but after he dropped his ELI album which was rather disappointing lyrically, and Aboki it's clear that this guy was just all hype.
Rukus mentioned something about Banky W being better than half the rappers on that worthy mentions of the list, well, have y'all listened to Banky's verse on the Bad Guy P remix, well for a second I thought he was a rapper, he was that good on that verse, maybe he should rap more something like a Drake kind of thing.
Sinzu fell off any list for me, the guy's bars are so corny these days (like he's drinking out of Lil Wayne's or 2 Chainz's cup).

These are just my thoughts, I know true rap fans feel the same way.