The newest and greatest Galaxy S5 just came out a few weeks ago and as usual Samsung has loaded it up with some incredible features that is sure to turn a few heads. While am not sold on getting a Galaxy S5, I wouldn't mind having some of these features on my Galaxy Note 3. And these three features happen to be my favourite features found in the Galaxy S5. I just hope that the next update (which would probably come by June) for the Galaxy Note 3
  1. HDR MODE: The new camera on the Galaxy S5 sports an improved HDR mode which is leaps and bounds better than the Galaxy Note 3. Most of the improvements looks like it's software related, I would really love to get this via an update.
  2. ULTRA POWER SAVING MODE:  This is far the most useful of these new features for me. More than once I have had my phone die on me while on a trip. Having the option of switching to this energy efficient mode that could extend a 10% battery over a 20 hour period would have really helped out.
  3. FASTER CAMERA FOCUS: The fast focus on the Galaxy S5's camera is another feature that I would really love to have. Am keeping my fingers crossed on this one as it might be connected to the camera's hardware.


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