I know am no genius heck i am not T.B Joshua or even related to him, and yes i do not have a magic ball nor have i travelled to the future. For what i lack in divine prowess i make up for with the  mere fact that i have lived through the last ten editions of the English Premier league. 

 Having borne witness to the record breaking 49 game unbeaten run by the almighty invincibles of 2004. The euphoric feeling of beating one's chest while reliving the glories achieved by the dominating attack led by Thierry Henry and Robert Pires. A feeling that could only be surpassed by that sickening feeling of an extend period of self loathing caused by Arsene Wenger's unwillingness to properly compete against the likes of Manchester United, Chelsea and in recent times Manchester City in the transfer market. Season after season, Arsenal fans have been made to watvh as their hopes of winning a trophy fall to sh*t even after leading the table for an extended period of time due to injuries to certain key players. 

 Last season Arsenal fans and sympathisers were treated to a long lost joy of celebrating a trophy win as Arsene Wenger and his ever evolving team won their first trophy in nine years. <br>As fans of  Arsenal football club all look forward to the new season with renewed hope for Premier League conquest. I plead that we remember the lessons of the seasons past and not let their enthusiasm run unchecked.