I went into the movie cinema yesternight hoping not to be disappointed due to the whole sequel thing. It's well documented that sequels rarely do add to a franchise particularly for the comedy genre. It took a little less than t five minutes to dispel my fears, as the movies plot was really good. 
Horrible Bosses 2 sees Nick, Dale and Kurt decide to start their own business after tiring of working for ungrateful bosses. Their idea is a car-wash-inspired shower head called the "Shower Buddy". They have trouble finding investors until they are approached by Burt Hanson and his son Rex. Burt admires their commitment to manufacturing the product themselves, while Rex prefers to outsource to China, and agrees to invest if they can make 100,000 units. Taking out a business loan, the three rent a warehouse, hire employees, and manage to produce their output, but Burt backs out of their deal at the last minute, claiming that he never signed an agreement, and he plans on taking their inventory in foreclosure and selling them (renamed the "Shower Pal") himself, while leaving the three in $500,000 debt with their outstanding loan. Their bid to save their business and the livelihood of their workers sees them turn to an unlikely ally in Nick's old boss and the somewhat dependable and dodgy Motherfucker Jones Read more (Wikipedia)
The new movie is refreshingly different from the first one, witty and funny in my ways. Rex played by Chris Pine was genius in a psychopathic way. And let's not forget Dale's boss, Julia played by the ever lovely Jennifer Aniston; who was her ever delightful self. 

My best moments in the movie includes the TV studio scene with Mike ( Key from Key & Peele), the sex addiction scene at Julia's denistry, Rex trying to close the deal with the trio in his father's office, Rex assaulting himself repeatedly and Jones' cop chase scene.



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