I stumbled on this tip while watching some Key & Peele sketches on YouTube. I followed the video and to my surprise it worked like a charm. I was able to install apps from the Play Store and even paid apps too.
  • To get the Play Store up and running on your Blackberry device, you would need to download these three (3) files below to your Blackberry device. 
  1. Play Store 
  2. Google Login 
  3. Blackberry Google login 
       Do note that these files have been modified, so install at your own risk 
  •  After downloading these files,  you would need to install all three {3} files. 

  • After installing the files, Launch the Google Play Store app and enter your Google credentials using your existing ID just like you would on an Android device. 

  • Next you need to launch the Blackberry Google ID app and sign in using your Google ID. (If you dont get signed in,  try this link and then try signing in again)
  • Once you are signed in, you would see a sixth (16) digit hexadecimal code. 

  • Now you can launch and use your newly installed Play Store app.

This trick comes in handy as it saves you the need to repurchase paid apps that you have already purchased on your android device. 

You can check out the video below, do note that the YouTuber has two step verification on his Google account,  if you don't have it you probably do not need the app specific Google login


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