What do you get when you mix; a real rapper with a limited subject matter, no features and beats produced by the artist, a mixtape, innit?. And that's what the new 2014 Forest hills drive by J. Cole feels and sound like to me at least. The third album really suffers from having no features and self-production and falls really short when compared to the rapper's previous album. 2014 Forest hills drive kind of feels like a step or two back from the progress made in Born Sinner, granted that the North Carolina native shamelessly bit off the greatest rapper that ever lived in both bars and production.

J. Cole fans wouldn't be really disappointed with 2014 Forest hills drive, as it builds what J. Cole is all about. If you jumped on the J. Cole wagon after you listened to Born sinner, this album would leave much to be desired as it pretty has little or no entertainment value. The album isn't all negative for me. I really enjoyed the storytelling on the album, which i think is becoming a lost art nowadays with rappers focus on spitting bars with shock value or just something for the clubs. J. Cole pretty much doesn't care much for club anthems or radio friendly hits, and lets everyone know by not releasing any singles before the album drops.

My favourite songs on the album would have to be Wet dreamz, J Cole  takes listeners down the memory lane with a retelling about his teenage years and first sexual experience. No Role Modelz is another song off the album that i like, J Cole broaches on the subject of kids particularly females today not having any credible role models to look up to and emulate. I didn't really like the controversial Fire squad. The rest of the album isn't bad just not memorable but still worth the listen.

With this album J Cole fails to make a stake at the rap throne. 2014 Forest hill drive falls short of Drake's Nothing was the same and also Kendrick Lamar's I single (yeah, the one song is better than J. Cole's whole album if you want to be entertained)


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