This is basically a rundown of the best non-game apps that i could not live without. 
I had been searching for a great looking messaging ever since i got my Samsung Galaxy SII. The Messages app that came pre-installed was just bland and like most of Samsung's PIM apps took way too long to load up.  My search for a decent SMS app has lead me through almost every SMS replacement app (Go SMS, Yaata, ChompSMS, EvolveSMS, Hangouts,  etc). After trying them all i always came back to the Samsung app until i came across Textra<br> Textra is quick and has all the features i want at no charge (looking at you,  EvolveSMS) .
 Download Textra (Play Store)


I used to run Muvee360, a blog that helps people to find the latest episodes of favourite TV Shows. But after coming across Showbox i really couldnt see the sense in maintaining my blog
The Showbox app let's you download or stream the latest movies and episodes of popular TV Shows.
Download Showbox apk file


This app was the Jesus app for me this year, having my phone notifications pushed to my laptop was gold for me. And having the ability to dismiss those notifications was even much better (i am sort of obsessive about having notification icons on my status bar).
Download Pushbullet


SwiftKey keyboard is by the best keyboard app on any of the smartphone platforms. Even though Google Keyboard has gotten better until the one with the material design (3.0), SwiftKey is still miles ahead in terms of predicting your next word. Anx since it's now free, i really wonder why OEMs like Samsung doesn't just bundle it with their smartphones and save any money tied to developing their own keyboard.
Download Swiftkey (Play Store)

Adobe Reader may not make anybody's best apps list but it's been a Godsend to me. It has saved me tons of time in printing and scanning documents as i can quite fill and sign them on my phone.
Download Adobe Reader (Play Store)

Besides the above mentioned apps, i also use GMail, BBM, WhatsApp, Twitter, Chrome Beta on a daily basis. But these apps are either pre-installed or ubiquitous already. HERE maps is another one that i use on a weekly basis and should be a feature on everyone's device.


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