Catching up on TV Shows is one of my favourite pastimes, sometimes it's gone beyond what a hobby should be to an obligation. I often find myself waking up as early 2-3 am to catch up on them. I watch a ton of TV Shows a week, a good number of them are quite good and are worth the daily fellowship. 

House of Cards is my winner for the TV Show of the year. Watching Frank Underwood (Kevin Spacey) plot and navigate his way from the position of the majority whip to the Vice president and finally the President has been both educational and entertaining. The series format as helps, Netflix pushing out a whole season in one clean sweep is genius and helps fans get there fill asap. 

How to get away with murder comes from the producers of everyone's darling Scandal. How to get away with murder follows the exploits of Professor Annalise Keating and her small group of A students as they try to navigate the technicalities of law school, the legal system and the drama of their lives.
How to get away with murder is intellectually stimulating just like The House of Cards and should be watched by anyone with more than a few brain cells.

If you haven't heard or watched the Game of Thrones TV show yet. You probably still stuck in 2008 or 2009, just about everyone and their momma is waiting for the fifth season of this series to begin. The Game of Thrones is one of the most unpredictable TV show ever (unless you have read the books), the show leaves one afraid of taking sides as your favourite character could see his or her head chopped off.

Homeland is one of those TV Shows that has gotten better over the years. And the fourth season has really taken it up a notch.

When i heard Jack Bauer was coming back for another season, i was skeptical about the new seaosn considering how the last season had ended. However the new season left ne in awe of the creativity of cast and crew behind this amazing TV show. 

Honourable Mentions Marvels Agents of Shield kind of stalled for me last season but it's picked it up a bit this season but i couldnt help feeling sometimes that there isn't a story here (which kind of applies to DC Comic's Gotham too). Orange is the New Black was cool to watch and so was Power (can't wait to see what the second season looks like). The Big Bang Theory, Anger management, South Park, Key and Peele, Black Jesus and Black-ish are great shows to watch to let off some steam.
i also half-liked The Flash (blame it on childhood nostalgia), Scorpion also. Madam Secretary and Anger Management are also good.
On the other hand, some TV Shows kind of felt like they needed to be put out of their misery. Suits was one of those shows that felt like they were going round in circles, same applies to Revenge and Supernatural. New girl with Joey Deschanel is just terribly scripted and should be cancelled, let's face it its no Friends. Two and a Half Men has just gone downhill since Charlie Sheen left the show, Ashton Kutcher is adorable but watching two pathetic characters isn't much fun, you need to balance it out.