Had it not been for the drama that preceded the release of this movie i wouldn't have bothered to watch this movie. But after the whole President Obama speech thing, the whole North Korea thing and the hackers threatening any cinema that views this movie, i had to see what the movie was all about that it ruffled those feathers at Pyongyang. Granted that i have not really been a  big fan of James Franco and Seth Green based on their previous movies (This is the end happens to be one of the few movies i did not finish watching).

The first five minutes were somewhat good, i liked the Eminem gay scene after that it pretty much went downhill for me. And what followed was a 100 minutes of bad acting and immemorable jokes. One of the marks of a good comedy is watching up the following morning and remembering some scenes of the movies i watched the previous day. The interview left me with no memories of watching it. The movie was bad, even worse than the stupendous Dumb and Dumber Too  which i watched a few hours before.



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