"Samsung in talks to buy Blackberry", well that's what every news and Tech sites have been running with for the last few hours. Some ask why on God's earth would Samsung would be consider buying this beleaguered company knowing fully well that Blackberry is no longer the company it was circa 2006 and barely has it's heads above water. I think that despite it's troubles i think Blackberry might be a good buy for Samsung and i have listed two reasons why i think Blackberry might be an appealing acquisition for Samsung.

1.Patents: In spite of its troubles, Blackberry is still a good buy as it holds quite a substantial amount of patents which would come in handy with Samsung's patent battle with Apple. Blackberry holds thousands of patents ranging from wireless technology to security in it's portfolio and is currently valued at over $2.5 billion. Samsung owing these patents would see it in a better position to stave off lawsuits from the likes of Apple and even Microsoft. while earning some money in the form of royalties in the process.

2. Enterprise clients:, Blackberry is still the darling of corporations and governments that are interested in maintaining secure communication.  The President of the United States of America Barack Obama has been a long term user of Blackberry devices from his days in the US congress, other world leaders such as Angela Merkel the Vice-Chancellor of Germany and David Cameron the Prime Minister of the United Kingdom have switched to Blackberry devices. During the recent Sony hack, executives from Sony had to switch to blackberry devices to be able to send messages securely over their Blackberry Enterprise Service (BES) networks. And Samsung has been courting the enterprise market of late with it's KNOX platform, which it has allied with Blackberry to make it more appealing to enterprise clients who have to ensure that their communication platforms are secure in the era of "Bring Your Own Device".

Beyond the above mentioned reasons, Samsung stands to gain some leverage in the automobile industry as Blackberry's QNX software is used by automobile manufacturers for their MirrorLink software. There is a market for Blackberry devices and Samsung could count on this niche as customers too.


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