Whoever created this photo is just trying to stir up controversy for no reason and isn't that smart.

1. This isn't an original certificate but a statement of results generated from a database.
2. On the conflicting dates, One shows the year the exams were conducted (1961) and the other shows the date that this statement of results was issued (21/01/2015).
3. The Katsina issue: Since this is a statement of result not the original certificate issued during the period the exam was taken, it would only make sense that the school authorities would use stationeries that are available to them since the school is situated in the present day Katsina state.
4. A1 in Igbo; Any person would see that the vertical line indicates that Buhari did not take Igbo language hence the absence of any remarks in the subjects that have the bar in them.
5. F9 in Math: There are a lot of courses in the Nigerian Universities that do not require Mathematics to gain admission, moreover he was applying to the military which would take just about any one as you don't need to know the answer to a quadratic equation to shoot someone.
6. No name of Principal: Look at the document, there isn't any requirement for that on the document.
7. Recent Photo: This is a statement of result not a Certificate and WASSCE did not introduce photos until the 2000s. The Photo was probably embedded by whoever collected this certificate. I could remember when i went to my old alma mater to get a statement of result, i was asked to provide a passport sized photograph to collect the document and that photograph was embedded in my statement of result.
8. Wrong name: I can not count the number of times mistakes have been made on my documents by persons other than me, that's why i always make sure i check them for errors before leaving their offices. If the prinicpal was copying from an old document he might just make that mistake.
9. Not WAEC format in 1961: This statement of result template was created recently and not in 1961. Who would still keep stationeries from more than 50 years ago.

My People should stop trying to tarnish another man's image without justification