I previously shared a guide on how to enable the grey scale power saving mode on the leaked Lollipop ROM as it turns out there are a lot of options buried in the leaked Lollipop ROM  that do not show up in the settings app. Today i am sharing another tip on how to another set a custom wallpaper on the S-View Cover instead of the pattern.

To get started you would need to have the QuickShortcutMaker installed on your Galaxy Note 3.

1. Launch the QuickShortcutmaker app, and switch from Incremental search to Normal search and search for  Settings or you can scroll down the list until you find Settings Icon.
2. Select the setting icon from the list
3. This should present you with a nested list of other options, you need to scroll down the list past the Power Saving option to find the S-View (SViewCover2014) option as shown below.

4. Select the one SViewColor2014 (annotated ), this would bring you to this page below.
5. You can tap on the Try pane to see what this shortcut does, if you did get the right one.
6. At this point you can tap on the back button to get back to the pane shown in step 4 to save the shortcut to your homescreen.

7. After saving the shortcut (or not), you should open the new shortcut from the homescreen and select the photo with plus icon shown below.
 8. This should take you to the Gallery where you can pick a custom wallpaper of your choice.
9. After selecting a custom wallpaper, you can crop the image to your preference and then tap on save to set it as your S-View Wallpaper.


  1. I am not getting SViewCover2014 in settings, only getting SViewCover.
    N9005 rooted with KK

  2. The tweak I shared is for ROM based on Lollipop, I don't know if it would work with Kitkat based roms

  3. Excellent post ... Thank you


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