Samsung has gotten a lot of flak for their feature rich take on how Android should look and feels. According to Business Korea, Samsung is aiming to simplify and reduce the software features on the next Touchwiz version for the upcoming Galaxy S6.

The tons of features which Samsung adds to their android devices has been reportedly known to slow down their devices for a couple of milliseconds, while i have do not have a problem with waiting 0.3 seconds more or not use the features, many others do not necessarily feel the same.  However I do agree that Samsung really need to reduce the apps that come pre-installed on my device, i for one who prefer it that any apps that they are not require for the Android OS to work should be installed in the user accessible memory. In future versions of Android i would like to see all Google apps and Samsung apps all made uninstallable.

Source: Business Korea via Android Authourity


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