Drake pulled a Beyonce on the millions of hip hop fans out there on February 13th releasing a surprise a̶l̶b̶u̶m̶ m̶i̶x̶t̶a̶p̶e̶ whatever it is. While Drake fans were anticipating The Views from the six, Mr Aubrey had other plans.  The rumour mill suggests that Drake in releasing an album out of blue would see him fulfil his contractual obligations with Cash Money records and free to pursue a deal as an independent artist or gain a bigger control of his artistic future with a Live Nation type deal.
If you are reading this it's too late (what a mouth full) follows Drake usually subject matter; the bragging, stuff about his personal life before becoming a superstar, singing on top of the bass heavy beats.

The album starts off with Legend, which Drake proclaims his right to the throne with words like if I died now I would be a legend, Mr Drizzy is probably not wrong as he is without doubt the biggest young Hip hop artist at the moment surpassing the likes of Kendrick Lamar, J. Cole, Big Sean and Wale. His ability to make hit songs is without a shade of doubt and he knows it. 

The next track Energy has that good feeling nod ya head to this tune. And so does 10 bands, the beat kinda sounds like it came off the whatever was left after making Started from the bottom.

U and The 6 sees Drizzy address the common jabs about him not been hard or light skinned and his momma. It's kinda great to see Rappers take off their Superhero costumes and act like they are human every now and then.

On 6pm in New York, Drizzy goes out on Tyga,
with lines like I heard the lil little homie talking reckless on Vibe/ for the platform you chose you should kept it inside/ You tried/it's so childish calling my name on world stage/ you should have acted your age and not your girl's age.

The body of work feels a lot more like a mixtape but better production. In some way it feels like a collection of songs that probably didn't make the cut for Views from the 6, which I suspect would come in less than a year from now. This album/mixtape doesn't quite stand up to J. Cole's latest work 2014 Forest hill drive as it was lacking of any really outstanding song. At some point listening to this record becomes a chore, at the 9th track.

Legend    3/5
Energy   3.5/5
10 Bands 3.5/5
Know Yourself  2.5/5
No Telling  2.5/5
Madonna  1/5
6 God 2/5
Star67 2/5
Preach 1/5 skip worthy
Wednesday night Interlude 3.5/5 kinda feels like The Weeknd produced this one
Used to 3/5 (Lil Wayne almost sounded like Drake here, I guess the mighty has really fallen)
6 Man 2/5
Now &  Forever 2/5
Company 2/5
U and the 6  3/5
Jungle 2/5
6pm in New York  2.5/5

The mixtape clearly isn't Drake's best work and barely allows for a third listen once the euphoria of new music from Drake is gone.
VERDICT: Don't get excited it's just another run of the mill mixtape On a side note, I am kind of disappointed that The Weeknd didn't make kn appearance on this album. I loved his collaboration with Drake on Crew Love and his features with the likes of Wiz Khalifa, Rick Ross, Ty Dollar $ign and Juicy J, and I would have loved to see/hear another track from these Canadian artists.