Over the last week, I tried to to keep up with the TV Shows I watch while struggling with a data plan and bad cell coverage, and i had to make some tough choices about which shows to continue watching as some shows weren't worth the trouble anymore.

It's been quite a week in Shonda Rhimes'world as her Scandal raised the ante, and is getting just as absurd as those Mexican telenovela. The narrative needs to be toned down a bit too plausible levels just like How to get away with murder did with this week's episode.

On the comedy side I was more than impressed with Modern Family, their simplistic portray of the mundane issues is rather impress and the comedy doesn't go overboard to get laughs. This week's episode of The Big Bang Theory was brilliant, i think smart comedy is here to stay.

Two and a half men seems to be heading for that inevitable cliff with Alan holding the show together. Ashton Kutcher hasn't really done much for the show besides adding a little bit of star power to it. And shows like the New Girl, Melissa and Joey, Ground floor,  The Mind Project and Supernatural need to be put out of their misery. The writers of these shows, clearly have run out of fresh material and are basically pulling stuff from their ass for every new episode they are compelled to produce. Speaking of, Man seeking Woman need not survive beyond the first season, why? it's just terrible.