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It's been said that the best camera is the one that one has with him, the same could also be said of the best writing tool. I've always maintained that one's smartphone is more useful than we are sometimes lead to believe, all that is required is our imagination. It's a shame to see them used as just phones for calls and texts.

E. L. James the author of the popular exotic fiction novel, the 50 Shades of Grey wrote a large portion of her book on Blackberry device while commuting. 

I have heard a similar experience in the past  haven written two chapters or so of my undergraduate project on a Nokia 6220 classic which didn't even have a Qwerty keyboard. Doing this helped me keep to my project on schedule as I was in a remote location for field work and also my MSc thesis was largely written on my Dell Venue Pro 8 with a Bluetooth keyboard and mouse.

Today we walk around with devices in our hands just  as powerful as our laptops. And barely scratch the surface of what we could accomplish using these devices.

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