Having experienced the convenience and relative easy that internet banking and mobile banking can bring to the customer during my time in the UK. These helped me keep down the number of times that i needed to visit the banking hall to just 5 in two years. I could easily carry out a number of transactions from the comfort of my bedroom or wherever i find myself. Money transfers required no more than 5 minutes to carry out.

Coming back to Nigeria, i was kind of excited and relieved that i could perform these transactions on my mobile device. However setting up my account to utilise it was a chore. I had to visit the bank thrice to fill out the required forms, first was the internet banking, the next was the mobile banking and a third time to complain about my inability to login with mobile banking app. Comparing this to my experience with Lloyds bank, i didn't need to request for Internet banking or mobile banking as this was done for me on opening my account. And for one the Internet banking and mobile banking were treated as a single platform unlike the Nigerian bank i use which treats them as two separate platforms which needed to be activated separately. Logging into my account through the mobile app presented another issue, i couldn't for the life of me figure out why i would get an sms containing a PIN to use and for some reason couldnt set my own PIN or even actually log in. After a few hours with the support guys on Twitter, i was able to get some of restrictions lifted. However my troubles were far from over as i could not perform the particular transaction that started this whole Internet banking process. And i had to reach out to the guys behind the bank's Twitter handle, who told me to hold on a few minutes for the issues to be sorted. After an hour or so, i got an sms that all the limits on my account had been sorted and was able to make a transfer with it.
In all it took two weeks or so to get my Internet banking up and running as opposed to an hour with Lloyds bank.

In summation, the Internet (mobile) banking is a great step forward as it could make carrying out banking transactions a lot of more easier and convenient for customers, however some steps needs to be taken to ensure that it does not become another source of pain for the customer. The process of setting up this facility can be made a lot easier. Had i not been persistent in getting this facility based my previous experience with it, I might have given up on it. Granted that there are always teething problems associated with the introduction of any new technology but adequate steps need be in place that these issues are quickly overcome it so as not to turn off would be early adopters.