A new season of the very much popular Game of Thrones series is upon a day earlier than it should. And i was able to watch the first episode of the new season.  if you are like me and have no qualms with reading it before you end up watching it then you can proceed. I always find it better to know what a TV show is all about before i commit to it.

The first episode opens with a young Cersei wandering in the woods with a companion, who warns her of what might happen if her father discovers what they were up to. The young girls finds a cottage belonging to a witch, who try to scare them away. The young queen undeterred demands that the witch tells what her future holds. The witch tries to warn her off but she insists, the witch grants her three questions after tasting her blood. The witch tells the young teen that she would marry the king not the prince she had been promised to and that she would bear 3 children but none of the king's. Back to the present, the queen is driven by a carriage to the site of her father's funeral. Where the priest implores her to proceed with the funeral as people had come from far and wide to attend it. Inside she meets with Jamie Lannister who guides their Father's body. Jamie warns her of those that sympathise, sayung that they had only come to see if it was indeed true that the great Tywin Lannister had died and were plotting to steal all that their father had worked for. But Cersei was more interested to know what they would do about Tyrion and how he escaped as she asked her brother if he had a hand in liberating the dwarf.‎
Across the narrow sea, a statute is pulled down.‎ One of the unsullied soldiers of the Khalesi, white rat is killed by prostitute at a brothel by a member of the sons of the harpie. And the young Khalessi after deliberation with her advisors demands that those responsible for the murder of the unsullied be brought to the books. 

At the walls, Jon Snow trains a young recruit, as Sam chats with Gillie whom he had saved from death. Jon Snow is then invited by the Lady in Red to have a chat with Lord Stanis. Lord Stanis lets Jon Snow into his plan of aligning with the wildings to fight against the forces at King's Landing. And Jon Snow sets off to entreat the wildlings to join forces with Lord Stanis.

Peter Balliesh (Little finger) and Sansa watches on as the young King is being trained in the art of sword fighting. Closely to them, the Lady Brianna and the old King Robert's Bustard, Gendry are still on her quest to find the Stark girls. The Lady is downcast by Anya Starks rejection of her aid. And is encouraged by her squire to quit her quest, the Lady questions her companion on his need to follow her.

Back at Westeroos, the Queen Cersei is in the court at her father's funeral and she navigates the temptations of the palace. Across the narrow sea Lord Varys, the eunuch manages to recruit Tyrion into his plan to restore the rulership of the seven kingdom back into the hands of the Targeryans. Having nothing else to do, the impact agrees to go along with it. Queen Daenerys rejects a noble's request to reopen the fighting pits at Yukon. In her bed Chambers in the company of the leader of the second sons, Daenerys bemoans her inability to control her dragons anymore,  who encourages her to reunite with her dragons. But her attempts to regain control of the dragons is rebuffed and she ends up running away. 

Jon Snow meets with the leader of the wildlings, who rejects Jon's request to join forces with Stanis. Later that night, The King beyond the wall is brought bound before Lord Stanis who requests he bends a knee and pledge allegiance to him but is refused. The King beyond the Walls wishes Stanos good fortune is his quest. The King beyond the wall is tied to a stake and is set ablaze by the prophetess of the fire lord. Jon comes to his aid and ends the King's suffering by killing him with an arrow.