The second episode opens with Arya Stark aboard a ship heading towards Bravos to join the faceless assassins. The young stark girl stares at the statue on the boat, as the captain narrates the legend of the statute and how it protects them. In the city, the captain takes Arya by boat to the house of the Black and white, and she knocks on the door. A monk opens the door, however he wouldn't let her in, she begs him to let her in as she has no where else to go to which the monk replied that she had everywhere to go. The Stark girl spends days at the steps of the monastery but eventually she tires and tosses the coin she was given by the assassin into the water. 

In a bar, Sansa Stark dines with Petyr Baellish, and is discovered by Lady Brian na's squire who informs his lady. The Lady Brianna still on her quest approaches them. The lady Brianna tells Sansa of her vow to her mother, her pledge of service is rebuffed by both Lady Sansa and Peter Baelish. And she ends up being chased by knights loyal to Lord Baellish as she escapes the bar. She ends up killing two of the guarda. 

Back at King's Landing, Cersei and Jamie worry over the life of her daughter as she had received a threat from Dawn following the death of Oberyn. Jamie on the urging of Cersei sets off to retrieve his daughter from Dawn with the help of Sir Bronn (Tyrion's old bodyguard).

At Dawn, Oberyn's mistress watches with hate as Cersei's daughter walks carefree in the gardens. She tries to convince the ruler of Dawn and brother to the late Oberyn, to hand the princess over to her to be mutilated and sent to her mother at King's Landing but the King of Dawn refuses her request.

Over at Castle Black, Jon Snow discusses with Lord Stanis about his actions at the execution of  the King beyond the wall, and the likely repercussions. Jon Snow educates the lord about the wildlings and the difficulty involved in getting the wildlings in line. Lord Stanis offers Jon Snow legitimacy and elevation to heir to the house of the Stark should he denounce his vows to the Knight Watch and pledge himself to Lord Stannis. An offer which Jon Snow would reject as he reveals to Sam. A vote takes place at the mess halls of the Knight Watch to determine who would lead the Knights watch, Jon Snow wins the vote after being nominated by Sam as opposed to their cowering acting commander. The vote ultimately ends up in a tie, which was broken by the aged master in favor of Jon Snow.

Across the narrow sea, Daenerys faces much difficulty ruling over her new domain with the frictions between the liberated slaves and their old masters. The killer of Wild Rat is captured by the unsullied and the second sons, and imprisoned awaiting trial but before he could face charges, he is killed by the leader of the liberated slaves impassioned by the prisoner's denunciation of the Daenerys' claim to the throne. Daenerys has the slave leader executed publicly, against the pleas of the public. This results in a riot, and Daenerys is whisked away by her unsullied to safety. Later that night,Daenerys gets a visit from one of her dragons, which flies away as Daernrys attempts to touch it, the young queen is heartbroken after failing to win the love and admiration of both her subjects and now her dragons.‎


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