Episode 3 starts off at the Black and white house, where Arya Stark sweeps the floor whilst watching the assassin gives water to a man. Arya approaches the assassin and demands to be taught to be a faceless man. But her attempts at acquiring tutelage isn't met with the results she had hoped for.

Back at King's Landing, the new King Tommen is wed to Margareyl, with his mother Cersei looks on  applauding her son. Later on the new couple consummates their marriage, Margarey begins her attempt at manipulating the young King by trying to put wedge between him and his mother. And it seems to take as the young King while walking with his mother tries to convince his mother to move to Castly rock. Cersei meets with Margareyl, who had been regaling her maidens about the young King's sexual prowess. The exchange between the two wasn't comfortable for Cersei who sensed that beneath the smile on Margeryl's face lay a manipulating devil.

We catch a glimpse of Theon Greyjoy under servitude, who seemed to regain a bit of his memory of what had transpired with the Stark boys as he watches two skinned bodies being hung. Petyr Baellish seems to have arranged a marriage between Sansa and Ramsey an arrangement which Sansa is openly displeased about. But the cunning Little finger manages to convince the Stark girl that the marriage could be a means to an end, a way of avenging the wrong wrought on her family, while Lady Brianna and her squire watches on from afar. The Lady Brianna offers to teach her squire how to fight. The Lady Brianna recounts her childhood experience and desire to avenge the death of Lord Renny by slaying Lord Stannis.

Back at the Castle Black, the new commander Jon Snow rejects Lord Stannis' offer to join his forces. Jon enquires about the start of the Stannis' campaign.

Arya Stark is taunted by one of the rookies at the Black and White house. Irritated by the rookie, Arya Stark reaches for her sword, at that moment the assassin walks in. And Arya proclaims that she was ready to become one of the faceless, The assassin tells her that she must rid herself of everything that belonged to Arya Stark if she was to become a nobody. She throws her clothes into the river and buries her sword; and goes on to assume the duties assigned to her.

Sansa returning back to her home at Winterfell presents herself to Lord Bolton and Ramsey. Meanwhile at Castle Black, Jon Snow begins to assign duties to the men of the Knights Watch. His authority is questioned but young commander stamps his authority by executing him.

Back at Winterfell, Greyjoy on recognising Sansa turns away as Sansa walks by. Petyr Baellish assures Lord Bolton of Sansa's virtue, however the Lord questions his motives on making the deal to join his house and that of the Stark and also the likely consequences should the Lannisters hear of it. Cersei's message to Petyr Baellish is intersected and read by Lord Bolton before handing it over to Baelish, and he demands that he would like to read the reply before it is sent.

Across the narrow sea, Tyrion is bored from his travels and suggests that he is allowed into the city, where he finds himself a brothel. In the same brothel, Daenerys' old right hand Jorah drinks away his sorrow.


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