The dwarf is kidnapped. I repeat Tyrion has been kidnapped.

Jamie Lannister and his companion, Tyrion's old guard, Bronn aboard a merchant ship sets sail for Dawn. His companion questions his motive considering the Lannister is not only one handed and easily recognisable but wields a considerable force at his disposal.

Back at King's Landing, Cersei discusses the kingdom's indebtedness to the iron bank and how they are to go about paying back a tenth of their debt with her council. Cersei builds a new alliance with a religious sect of the seven to create a religious army. Soon the sect goes on a rampage causing more trouble in King's Landing and Lord Loris, brother to Queen Margarey is imprisoned for his homosexuality. Margeryl tries to use her influence as the king's wife to free her brother. The young king falters at getting her mother to release Lord Loris as she redirects to the sect of the seven. The young King soon realises the limits of his power as he is refused entry to see the leader of the seven, The High Sparrow.

Back at Castle Black, Jon Snow sends words to the lords of the realms, to send men and supplies to the Knights Watch. Jon Snow rejects the advances of the prophetess of the light.

At Winterfell, Sansa lights a candle for her aunt as Baellish walks in. The Little finger recounts the tale of Sansa's aunt to her. Baellish informs Sansa of his  journey back to King's Landing on the request of Cersei. He also informs her of Lord Stannis impeding assault on Winterfell.

On the shores of Dawn, Bronn saves Jamie Lannister from being bitten by a coral snake which they dine on. They are spotted  by some soldiers of dawn, whom Bronn makes light work of. He however leaves one for Jamie to deal with, after a short struggle Jamie manages to despatches his assailant.   Oberyn's mistress learns of Jamie's arrival and makes plans to kill the Lannister girl before Jamie can get to her, hoping to start a war between Dawn and Westeros.

Tyrion kidnapped by Daenerys' exiled right  hand man, Jordan and is being taken by his captor to meet to queen. Tyrion attempts to manipulate his captor. Daenery's attempts to deal with the troubles of ruling her kingdom, however strife doesn't seem to be far off as the sons of Harpy continues their killing spree and soon they face with a small force of the unsullied. Outnumbered the unsullied put up a great fight but the sons of Harpy kills the unit of the unsullied and Sir Sebastian who came to their aid. However Grey worm survives the assault.


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