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I do sometines wonder who is behind the sermons that emanates from today's pulpit. While some are no doubt representative of God's word, others seldom hold up well to scrutiny and the others are just plain old ignorant.

Today i listened to a preacher talk about the significance of some of our fashion accessories and objects that we use to decorate our houses. Of course the female fashion accessories were the first to be targetted, The preacher started off with the significance of nail polish and then moved on to colours in general. He talked about how some colours have some significance,  for instance the color red which is used for danger signage. He said that wearers of red nail polish were inviting dangerous events upon themselves by wearing it. By that reasoning, any wearer of red apparel would be inviting danger too, including himself as he had a red tie on. Besides the red color he also spoke about how black signified death, while he stood on the pulpit in his black shoes.

I found it totally disturbing that a man that was trying to educate his congregation about the significance of colours ignored his own advice as he had a red tie and black shoes on. If he did not consider what he knew important enough to apply it, why should i or anybody else take his word for it.
While i might be inclined to believe that there are spiritual influences on the physical world, i would be taking any information about with a grain of condiment.

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