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Sometimes, when i think about it, i am inclined to think Black/Africans have a problem that is specially embedded in their DNA or maybe it is not that, maybe the problem seem to surface in a large gathering of Africans because there are minute exceptions that have thrived in a different environment.
It is not a question of Self-esteem, anyone who look at things objectively & is not economical with the truth will see it..
Just look at anywhere with a large population of Black/Africans, all you will see is crime, backwardness, desolation & retrogression even those that are not on the map of African such as Haiti, Jamaica & those Afro Caribbean countries have retrogresive problems like Africa. Blacks/Africans make up for the larger population of the American Prison,  sime might blame it on the regime but a quick glance of the way crime and jail is portrayed by Black music might say different.

Africa is the richest continent in terms of resources and yet it is inhabited by the poorest people/Nation?. We are the champion of all bad things: War, HIV|AIDS, Disease, Poverty, Starvation, Genocide, Underdevelopment & terrible politics and Leadership.

While a lot of Nigerians are taking the moral high ground in the wake of this South African Xenophobia wahala. I do so with my tongue in cheek because unlike many, i haven't forgetten my History lessons just yet.

Most people have forgotten our own Xenophobic act, which was way bigger than anything South Africa is exhibiting now. For those who dont know how that popular Bag got the name "GHANA MUST GO!" ask an elderly person around you or read your history books.
I used to think blaming other people for your problems was a "Nigerian thing", now i know better. It seems in Africa, if things are not going your way, then it is the work of the old woman in your village, abi ancestoral curse or the work of spiritual enemies. South Africa is basically doing the same thing we did during that Shagari era of "Ghana Must Go". Where Nigerians blamed the Ghanians for unemployment, our economic woes and we threw them out of the country. Note that this event all happened with the backing of the Nigerian government.  The Ghanians had no one to protect them from our venom. At least the South African government is doing its best to stop this madness.

I feel sadden whenever i hear Nigerians saying things like they want to loot and destroy South African's business here in Nigeria like "Shoprite, PEP, Park N Shop & Boycott South-African Franchise like MTN or DSTV". I would say those people are just looking for an opportunity to steal and rob these stores, and as such will be degenerating to the exact same terrible behaviour you are blaming the South Africans for. Boycott their product to show your displeasure, fine! but to go on & loot or destroy these stores. That is madness!,
Do you know how many Nigerians are employed by MTN alone?, let alone Shoprite, Spar & PEP. ‪#‎CommonSense‬

For an economy that is in need of jobs and more investment, that will set Nigeria backwards and scare any rational investors away because it would be a clue that their business is not safe in Nigeria.
Shall we blame the actions of a few thugs in South Africa on people who are running Legal businesses here?
Will it be fair to describe all Nigerians as Scammers(419ers or Yahoo-Yahoo boys) based on the actions of a few bad eggs online? Or will you gladly wear the tag of being called a terrorist based on the actions of Boko-Haram?.

I hope other African countries & Nigeria handle this matter with a more rational approach rather than make moves that will lead to war or counter-productivity in the end.

If Africa were to swap continent with Europe today.. I bet in 3 years time, you will see queues at the African embassies begging for a return Visa back to Africa. That is how fucked up things are...

According to the statement released by the Nigerian government, what i can deduce is:
Nigeria will make no move to repertraite its citizen until a couple of them actually dies... We don't do Prevention, we are all about Cure.. Jesus wept!.

And u still wonder why Michael Jackson was hell bent on changing his skin colour & life style. Infact i think i just found out

Around this time last year, i read in the news about Ghanaians chasing Nigerians out of their market.
You see Africa get problems Walai, it is not just a South African thing.
We need Total mind Cleasing.

Boko Haram warning South Africa to stop Xenophobic attacks.. The Irony of this suitation makes me Speechless!

Written by K.S

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