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All you need to know about the new Android M OS

Google has just announced the latest version of its Android Operating System named Android M. Google says that its focus in developing this version is making the little things such as Material Design and battery management work better. Google is also giving some control to users via the App permissions feature (a feature which most pre-Lollipop devices had). Google is also introducing the Android Pay, a Google take on Apple Pay, and also battery saving feature called Doze. The rest of the Android M features are as below:

Simplified App permissions
This feature allows one to chose what kind of permissions that they want an app to have access to. Usually users are shown the permissions that an app requires on first install or when another feature has been added. What's get about this new feature is that users can choose which permissions to grant an app. Instance you can choose to give the WhatsApp app permission to use your microphone or even location. The users has to grant permission to apps on first use.

App Linking
Apps can now verify that any application claiming to support a link-type are the actual application that its developers meant to open.

Android Pay
This feature is similar to the Apple Pay feature of the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus. It allows users to pay for goods and services using NFC. The Android Pay can also within apps allowing users to pay for things within apps like Uber or Lyft. 

Fingerprint Support
  Android M would come with fingerprint reader support within the core OS. The Fingerprint support would allow users to unlock their devices using their fingerprint. And also it can be used in conjunction with Android Pay to verify the user.

Doze mode
This is a power saving feature which allows your Android device last longer between charges. With Doze, your device notes if the device has been moved recently to control the number of times your device syncs.

USB 3.1 Type C support
Android M would come with support for the new USB cable, which allows for smaller ports and faster data transfer. The new USB 3.1 Type C is reversible and makes for easier plugging and unplugging.

Easier Text Select
  Android M would allow users to select words easier han before. Usually Android selects text, letter by letter but now users can select by word.

Floating Clipboard
The clipboard nows appears just above the highlighted word.

Simplified Volume controls
  Allows users on stock android to control the Sound Volume, Ringtone volume and Alarm volumes independently.

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