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Game of Thrones Season 5 Episode 6 Recap

Things are beginning to pick in the current season of The Game of Thrones. This week's episodes starts of Arya Stark back at the house of Black and White performing her usual duties, cleaning a body before it is carried off. Her curiosity gets the better of her and she tries to seek a peek at what happens to the bodies after they are cleaned but she's stopped by the other girl at the temple. The girl tells her a story about she cane to be at the temple which turns out to be a game played by the faceless men. Later Arya is questioned by the faceless man. She is found later, comforting a child whose father had brought her to House of Black and White to die, an act which helps her gain entry to the chamber where the bodies were taken to. The faceless man tells her although she isn't ready to become No One but she might be ready to become someone else.

Jorah and Tyrion having managed to escape the stone men find themselves on an island. Tyrion talks to Jorah about his Father, the late commander of the Knight's watch and how the commanders men had turned against their leader. Tyrion also tells Jorah the true reason for him being at Valantis. As the pair march on, Tyrion questions Jorah's motive considering that his family once fought against the Targaryen. The pair come up against Slavers, who capture the pair. The Head of the Slavers, tells his man to take Jorah, kill Tyrion and cut off his gentile. But Tyrion convinces him to keep him alive until they come across a cock merchant. Tyrion talks up the fighting prowess of Jorah so that the slavers would take them to Slavers bay.

Back at Westeros, Lord Baelish is accosted by the members of the Seven lords who have taken over the streets. Lord Baelish questions Cersei's arrest of Diloris considering how indebted the Throne is to the Lords of the High Garden. Lord Baelish tells the Queen mother of Sansa's return to Winterfell and Lord Bolton plan to marry his son to Sansa Stark to cement his legitimacy to the throne. Cersei threatens to send men to crush the Boltons but Baelish counsels her against such since Lord Stannis was on hi way to Winterfell, counselling that she only attacks after a victor has emerged from a battle between Lord Stannis and Lord Bolton. He also offers to march on to Winterfell to take on the eventual winner if he is named warden of the North upon victory.

At Dorne, Cersei's daughter Myrcella and her intended takes a stroll in the gardens under the watching eyes of his father, King Doran Martell. Ellaria Sand sends her daughters after Princess just as Broon and Jamie Lannister find the young lovebirds at the garden and a fight ensues. The fight is interrupted by the King's guards who arrests Jamie, Broon, Martell's daughters, and Ellaria.

Olenna Tyrell comes to King's Landing to negotiate the release of Ser Loras. Cersei assures her that grandson isn't standing trial but a small inquest and the charges against him would be dismissed. During the inquest, Ser Loras and Margareyl are questioned about Ser Loras homosexuality which they both denied. A witness (The Squire of Ser Loras) testifies about Loras' sexual orientation and Margareyl knowledge and the siblings are charged. Charges which could result in the death for the siblings. As Margareyl calls out to the King as she is taken out of the chamber,but the young king is powerless to do anything.

Back at Winterfell, Sansa Stark is being prepared for her wedding to Lord Ramsey Bolton. The attending servant tries to instill fear into Sansa but her attempts is rebuffed with Sansa reminds her that Winterfell is her home and wouldn't be intimidated by anyone. Theon Greyjoy comes into Sansa's room to escort Sansa to her wedding but she rebuffs him. Sansa and Ramsey are then joined as man and wife with Theon standing in as Sansa's folks. Back in Ramsey's Bed chamber, Ramsey questions Sansa's virginity and later kisses her. He tends tells her to take off her clothes,she glances at Theon who turns to leave but is commanded by Ramsey to stay and watch. Sansa turns around to take off her clothing, Ramsey tears off her wedding gown and proceeds to have his way with her as she sobs.

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