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Snake Rewind brings Classic Nokia Snake game to your Smartphone

Snake Rewind is a new game from the creators of the classic Nokia game, Snake It retains the visuals of the classic game with some tweaks to the game play. The game play is simple and requires only a tap here and there to control the snake.

 A tap at the top half of the screen makes the snake go up and a tap at the bottom half of the screen makes it go down tapping at either the right or left makes the snake turn in those directions As before the snake gets longer by eating the objects/fruits in its path. The objects/fruits could also be power ups such as magnets or fruit bombs. 

One nifty new feature is the ability to rewind the game if the snake hits its tail which is probably how the game got its name The rewind feature comes at the cost of some fruits or object. Snake Rewind is available as a free download on the Play Store. It has got minimal ads that never seen to get in your way. U only see any at the end of the game or pause menu. To make the game a bit more challenging, it has got missions and levels.

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