Game of Thrones Season 5 Episode 8 Recap


Things are really beginning to heat up in this season of the Game of Thrones as the threat posed by the White Walkers finally gets real. Things aren't looking great for Cersei as she has been accused of crimes that if convicted would she her pay the ultimate price. Tyrion and Daernerys bond and might form an alliance that might turn Westeros on his heads in the coming seasons.
Episode eight starts off with Tyrion and Jorah standing in front of Daernerys, who questions his identity and relevance. Tyrion regales her with tales of how she had to come to amass such a large kingdom and army from nothing. He tells her that he could be trusted since he was responsible for the death of his parents and how his experience as the hand of the King could be useful to her. He eventually wins her over, she asks him on what he should do with Sir Jorah. Tyrion tells her of Jorah's devotion and love for her. And how it woukd be against against her best interests to kill him, however since he had betrayed her, he shouldn't be at her side. She decrees that Sir Jorah be removed from the city. Tyrion and Daernerys talk about Westeros, Tyrion tries to convince her to drop her quest for westeros, an advice she refuses. Jorah returns to the slave master, who questions why his decision to  return to the pits.
Back at King's Landing, Cersei is tormented by a septa of the Faith, who demands that she confesses. Cersei is paid a visit by Qyburn who informs her of the charges laid against her. She had been accused of fornication,treason,incest and the murder of King Robert by the Faith. She inquires about Jamie Lannister but she is told that there isn't. Cersei is told that King Tommen hasn't taken the news of her arrest quite well and hasn't been eating or attending to his duties as King. She is also told that her Uncle Keven Lannister had been recalled by Pycelle to serve as the hand of the King. Cersei is once again taunted by septa who tells her to confess, while Cersei tries to bribe her.
Arya is making some progress in her training. She has taken the name of Lana, an oyster seller. Jaqen gives her a little mission to go to the docks and observe. At the docks she observes a gambler (might be an insurance salesman in today's world) who bets on ships reaching their destination  and then pays a sum of money to the wife of the sailor if he doesn't. 
In Winterfell, Sansa questions Theon, who tells her that he betrayed her for her own sake as their is escaping from Ramsay. Sansa tells him that he deserves everything that happened to him. He tells her that her younger brothers weren't killed by him, that the boys killed were not the Stark boys.
Lord Bolton and his allies consider the threat that Lord Stannis poses to him, considering that his forces were well protected by the walls and weather. However Ramsay sees it as an opportunity to strike out and make a name, and asks that he be given 20 men to mount an attack against Stannis' 6000 men.
Back at the Knight's watch, Gilly tends to Sam's wounds. Ollie questions Jon's decision to get the Wildlings in their side, Sam tells him that Jon's decision was a necessary evil.  Jon carried to shore on a boat to meet the leaders of the Wildlings. Rattleshirt and Tormund go at it after Rattleshirt calls Tormund a traitor. Tormund beats Rattleshirt to death using his own club.  Jon tries to convince the Wildlings to join them before the White walkers gets to them. Jon offers the Wildlings land to farm if they join with them. Things get a bit rowdy when Jon confesses to killing their Mance, Tormund calms the elders saying that Jon's arrow was an act of mercy. A number of the Wildlings agree to side with Jon but the Thenns reject the deal. As the Wildlings begin to get on their boats to follow Jon, a group of Whitewalkers attack the Widling camp. The Wildlings try to fend off the Whitewalkers, Jon Snow joins in. Jon sights the leader of the White Walkers on the mountain top and later makes his way into the burning barn just as the Giant runs out of it stepping on the wights. Inside the barn,  Jon and Thenn encounter a white walker who kills Thenn. Jon tries to fight the White walker but White walker shatters his sword,  he eventually finds a Valyrian steel sword and kills the White walker with it. Jon flees from the camp just as more white walkers come tumbling from the mountain top and overrunning the camp. Jon Snow flees from the camp and watches as the leader of the White walker army reanimates all the dead Wildlings as Whitewalkers.