On marriage and male infidelity

This post is basically my take on male infidelity. The words contained herein are largely my thoughts on the subject, I do have to say it is by no means scientific or backed by facts. The opinions expressed in this post is largely speculative at best.

I think a lot of people go into marriage with some degree of naïveté expecting their partner to turn a new leaf just because of some vows and a ring. They fail to consider that certain traits which their partners possessed while they were courting is now part of their character and who they are. The average male spends years learning to woo the opposite sex, most start from when they were 15 and probably get married at 25 or 30. That my friend is 10 to 15 years of repeatedly doing something and that's something won't just go away. And the better that person is at it, the harder it is to just stop and turn away from the temptation.
What i am saying is that ladies if you are getting married to a guy that's a player, don't just assume he is going to handover his player's card after marriage. He might try but habit and biology are two powerful forces to beat. He's definitely going to need a lot of help from you his wife to fight the urge to cheat.

Then there is this massive amount of selfishness that couples bring into a marriage. Marriage is not some football match, where a bad foul results in a sending off. Couples are supposed to work on making their marriage work. In my opinion, an act of infidelity shouldn't be enough for a couple to call it quits. I mean look at Bill and Hilary Clinton, Bill admitted on national TV to having an affair with Monica Lewinsky but the Hilary and Bill instead of calling it quits chose to make their marriage work.

Before you get into marriage please be sure you want that person not just the idea of being married. Forget all the flashy things, or how romantic he tries to be, look for the real person beneath. And ask yourself if you are willing to be with this person for the rest of your life.


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