How to remove the S-Finder and Quick Connect from your Notification Panel


It is no secret that Samsung's take on what the Android notification center should look like is a bit busy or rubbish when compared to what is obtainable on other Android devices running Lollipop. With the addition of a brightness slider and the S-Finder/Quick Connect, the notification panel can get a little crowed once you get a few notifications.
 If you are a bit like me and would like to rid yourself of the S-Finder/Quick Connect which aren't of much use away, the guide would aid you in reducing the clutter.
  1. You need a rooted Samsung device probably running Lollipop.
  2. Using a file explorer (not the My files app) make your way to the "/system/etc/permissions/" folder.
  3. scroll till you find "com.sec.feature.findo.xml" file
  4. rename the  "com.sec.feature.findo.xml" file to  "com.sec.feature.findo.xml2".
  5. Reboot your device.


  1. Finally!! been searching for days on how to do this. This worked on rooted S5 gp900p Sprint phone with Lollipop. I ised to do it with the xposed installer/ apps, but I can no longer use since upgrading to 5.0. Thank you

  2. Works on tmobile g5, rooted of course. I'd actually deleted both apps but the visuals was the real problem. I don't understand how someone designed this and said, perfect, everyone everywhere and for all time will love this equally.

  3. works! well done :)

  4. thank you!!!
    i no longer need Xposed Installer and their tons of apks to do the job


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