How to remove the S-Finder and Quick Connect from your Notification Panel



It is no secret that Samsung's take on what the Android notification center should look like is a bit busy or rubbish when compared to what is obtainable on other Android devices running Lollipop. With the addition of a brightness slider and the S-Finder/Quick Connect, the notification panel can get a little crowed once you get a few notifications.
 If you are a bit like me and would like to rid yourself of the S-Finder/Quick Connect which aren't of much use away, the guide would aid you in reducing the clutter.
  1. You need a rooted Samsung device probably running Lollipop.
  2. Using a file explorer (not the My files app) make your way to the "/system/etc/permissions/" folder.
  3. scroll till you find "com.sec.feature.findo.xml" file
  4. rename the  "com.sec.feature.findo.xml" file to  "com.sec.feature.findo.xml2".
  5. Reboot your device.